A Series 27 Plus Mountain Bike Tires


A series 27 Plus mountain bike tires

The extra volume of a plus sized 2.8 carcass mated to our versatile A Series tread pattern. With a round over all profile and open, directional tread the A Series provides predictable grip in most conditions. Low profile center knobs create low rolling resistance for straight line speed while reinforced side knobs provide extra support for confident cornering.


• Low profile directional tread pattern is fast rolling and versatile
• 27.5 x 2.8 plus size for bigger footprint and increased volume
• Tubeless ready (TLR) option
• Folding aramid or wire bead
• 30, 60, and 120 TPI casings
• Reinforced Sidewall Shield option
• 2d XC and 3d XC Fast Traction compounding options


Model  Size  TPI  TLR  Bead  Compound Sidewall Protection
MTN 27.5 PLUS280tr 27.5X2.80 120 Yes Aramid Fast Traction 2d XC
MTN 27.5 PLUS280trs 27.5X2.80 60 Yes Aramid Fast Traction 2d XC Reinforced Sidewall Shield
MTN 27.5 PLUS280ka 27.5X2.80 60 Aramid Fast Traction 2d XC Advanced Puncture Sheild
MTN 27.5 PLUS280w 27.5X2.80 60 Wire