A state-of-the-art blend of fibers, binders, polymers and congealing agents that intertwine and clot to seal punctures up to 10mm.

• Agriwürks Tire sealant is a non hazardous, non flammable liquid tire sealant that can be used to repair or prevent tire punctures
• Tire sealant is easily applied through the valve of any pneumatic tire
• Coupled with a 12V inflator the Agriwürks tire sealant makes a simple, effective means to repair your tire or prevent flats

Puncture sealing performance 10mm
Works repeatedly Yes
Flammability No
Toxicity No
Corrosiveness No
Cleans up with water Yes
Last for the life of the tire Yes
Operational temp range -40 ~ +80C
Use as flat prevention Yes/no*

* Use only as flat prevention for vehicles driven under 100kPh