Velowürks Bicycle Floor Pumps

The Art of Inflation.

A good floor pump is the most used tool in the shop.
And as a company that only deals in tire care and sealants we take inflation very seriously.

Bicycle Floor Pump

Prime Floor Pump

Bicycle Floor Pump

Element Floor Pump

Bicycle floor pump

Indy Floor Pump










Every Velowurks floor pump is worthy of a place in your shop. High quality construction with fully rebuildable internals, large, easy-to-read gauges, extra long hoses with Schrader and Presta valve compatible pump heads, and a host of thoughtful design elements like integrated hose keepers and extra wide, anti-tip bases. The Indy is our entry level floor pump and will deliver years of solid service for recreational users. The Element is a shop level pump built to withstand the everyday demands of continuous use. The Prime is the ultimate floor pump, a timeless classic that combines the Bauhaus aesthetic of function over form with a knowing nod to cycling heritage. Built to last a lifetime, the Prime is a pump your heirs will fight over at the reading of your will.