Bike Tire Sealant

The Next Generation in Sealant Solutions

Created in conjunction with a major developer of naturally based, sustainable products Velowürks tubeless systems, tire sealants and inner tube sealant products feature second generation sealant and flat prevention technology that is non-toxic to humans and animals, has no noxious fumes, will not corrode rims or plug valves and cleans up easily with water. The proprietary low viscosity blend of micro fibers, polymers and congealing agents reacts quickly to seal punctures up to 3mm, won’t ball up inside tires and tubes, has a wide operating temperature range of -30c to +70c and remains effective up to 6 months for long service life for tubeless and up to 2 years for inner tube applications.


Tubeless System Tire Sealant


Inner Tube Sealant