Casing TPI

Tire casings are composed of fabric layers encased in rubber and are measured in TPI or threads per inch. Tire casings, with a higher casing TPI use a smaller diameter thread woven into a tight weave while lower TPI casings use stronger, thicker threads woven in a more open weave. High TPI casings are lighter weight with increased flexibility producing a supple ride. Plus, the tight weave seals the casing making it good for tubeless ready applications. Lower TPI casings use stronger, thicker threads in a more open weave. Lower TPI casings are heavier, stiffer and offer good protection against cuts and abrasions.

Velowürks tires come in three casing configurations: 120 TPI, 60 TPI and 30 TPI with many tires offering two or three casing options allowing you to customize the ride you want. Chose the higher TPI casing for a supple sidewall with more compliance for road applications or in less aggressive off road terrain and the lower TPI casing where additional sidewall support and protection is needed for more challenging terrain.

• 120 TPI casings are best for high performance road, light weight mtb tires and tubeless ready applications
• 60 TPI casings are best where a combination of excellent ride quality and enhanced durability are desired
• 30 TPI casings offer good durability and value