BMX/Youth Bike Inner Tubes


Velowürks inner tubes are constructed of high quality butyl rubber for excellent air holding characteristics and long service life. BMX/Youth inner tubes are available in 0.090mm standard thickness and are offered in a Presta and Schrader valve styles with a variety of valve stem lengths.

• Available in 16, 20 and 24″ wheel sizes
• Two different valve types available (Presta/Schrader)
• 100% butyle rubber

Sizes - Valve Type

Model/Valve Type Size Valve Length
Schrader Valve Tubes
IT-81620/35 16×1.50/2.10 35
IT-82020/35 20×1.50/2.10 35
IT-82420/35 24×1.50/2.10 35
Presta (French) Valve Tubes
IT-920138/40 20X1 3/8 40