Not all pumps are created equal. Oh sure, any pump will blow up your tires. But since a floor pump is your most used tool, why not grace your shop with a pump that inflates faster, has better features, lasts longer, is completely rebuildable and looks really cool at the same time?

Velowürks floor pumps offer professional level performance and reliability with features and style you won’t find anywhere else. Distinctive, powerful and feature rich, Velowürks floor pumps offer your customers something they’ll love now and for years to come.

Entry level Indy, shop level Element and ultimate level Prime are shipping now.


  • Steel and alloy barrels
  • Precision seals
  • Fully rebuildable
  • Thoughtful design features


  • Less than 20 strokes to 100 psi (Prime and Element)
  • Easy-to-read oversized gauges
  • Extra long hoses with integrated keeper
  • Stable, anti-tip tripod bases


  • Classic bar and stem ergonomic handle
  • Campy style flip lever
  • Bauhaus influenced tripod base
  • Headset and frame lug top cap
Bicycle Floor Pump

Prime Floor Pump

Bicycle Floor Pump

Element Floor Pump

Bicycle floor pump

Indy Floor Pump





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