Road Bike Inner Tubes


Velowürks inner tubes are constructed of high quality butyl rubber for excellent air holding characteristics and long service life.  Road inner tubes are available in either 0.090mm standard thickness or light weight 0.060mm thickness for competition use and are offered in a Presta and Schrader valve styles with a variety of valve stem lengths.

• Comprehensive range of road bike tube sizes
• Two different valve types available (Presta/Schrader)
• 100% butyle rubber
• “Lite”, Lightweight racing tube options (0.65mm thickness)

Sizes - Valve Type

Model/Valve Type Size Valve Length
Schrader Valve Tubes
IT-87028/35 700×28-32C 35
IT-87035/35 700×35-40C 35
Presta (French) Valve Tubes
IT-97018/80 700×18-25C 80
IT-97018/60 700×18-25C 60
IT-97018/48 700×18-25C 48
IT-97028/100 700×28-38C 100
IT-97028/80 700×28-38C 80
IT-97028/60 700×28-38C 60
IT-97028/48 700×28-38C 48
IT-97040/60 700×40-45C 60
IT-97040/48 700×40-45C 48
Lite Tubes
ITL-97019/60 700×19-25C 60