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Self Sealing Bike Inner Tubes

Prevent Flats For Up To 2 Years

Repairs punctures up to 3mm*

Ride with Peace of Mind

*In tread area


Fear no flat!

Velowürks self sealing inner tubes are treated with our exclusive eco-friendly sealant to seal punctures up to 3mm in the tread area instantly to keep you rolling.

And, Velowurks sealant stays liquid and viable to seal punctures again and again for up to 2 years. Plus, our eco-friendly sealant is harmless to humans, pets and the environment.

• Use to prevent or repair punctures
• Seals punctures in tread area up to 3mm
• Available in a range of sizes
• Presta and Schrader valve types
• Non hazardous, non flammable
• Installs like any other inner tube
• Lasts up to two years

Presta (French) Valve

Model Size Valve Length
Presta (French) Valve Tubes
SST-92620/40 26×1.50/2.10 40
SST-926235/40 26×2.25/2.35 40
SST-92920/40 29×1.75/2.10 40
SST-92720/40 27.5×1.75/2.10 40
SST-97018/48 700×18-25C 48
SST-97028/48 700×28-38C 48
SST-97040/48 700×40-45C 48

Schrader Valve

Model Size Valve Length
Schrader Valve Tubes
SST-81620/35 16×1.50/2.10 35
SST-82020/35 20×1.50/2.10 35
SST-82420/35 24×1.50/2.10 35
SST-82620/35 26×1.50/2.10 35
SST-826235/35 26×2.25/2.35 35
SST-82720/35 27.5×1.75/2.10 35
SST-82920/35 29×1.75/2.10 35
SST-87028/35 700×28-32C 35
SST-87035/35 700×35-40C 35
SST-87040/35 700×40-45C 35