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Element Floor Pump

Bicycle Floor Pump

Element Floor Pump

High Quality Construction and Performance

Timeless Design with Classic Cycling References

Serviceable, built to last 


Rooted in the “form follows function” Bauhaus school of design with touches of classic Italian components, the Element floor pump delivers big time performance with durability for the long haul.

Fully rebuildable and rated to 160 psi, the Element features an extra tall steel barrel that moves more air per stroke without straining your back. The wide, Bauhaus inspired bent rod tripod base provides extra stability against tipping over and helps protect the oversized, easy-to-read gauge. Extra long hose easily reaches bikes on work stands or bike racks and stores away neatly on the integrated hook and base keeper when not in use. Reinforced composite dual pump head fits both presta and schrader valves without swapping parts and features a Campy QR inspired flip lever.

  • Extra tall barrel for efficient pumping to 160 psi
  • Bauhaus inspired bent rod tripod base helps prevents tip overs
  • Dual pump head fits both Presta and Schrader valves
  • Extra long high pressure hose reaches works stands and bike racks.
  • Oversized 3″ easy-to-read gauge
  • Fully rebuildable for a lifetime of use


Barrel Tall, steel
Base Triangulated, stable with rubber feet
Capacity 160psi / 11 BAR
Gauge Analog 3” oversized with rotating index point
Handle Ergonomic, engineering grade plastic
Head Schrader and Presta compatible dual head with classic styling
Hose Extra long high pressure hose with a red braided cover
Internal Durable, long lasting rubber plunger seal
Other Hose/head keeper
Part # VW-M001

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Prime Floor Pump Review by The Racing Post

This Stuff Works: Velowurks: Prime Floor Pump

By TRP Staff

Perhaps the first thing one buys for their bicycle is a floor pump. The helmet, shoes, gloves, shorts and jersey is for you – the pump is for it. The first pump is usually one on sale. It works and you probably get the upgraded model with the gauge on it with numbers big enough to see while pumping. This one will last till the hose gives out, the “chuck” gets sloppy or it just dries up and starts leaking.

This time, you do it right. IF you’re going to do it right, do the Velowurks. It’s got everything design, function, quality and it just feels wonderful to use.

The functional features are easy to spot. The handle is anodized aluminum with the same color and feel as those Cinelli 64 bars you had two decades ago. It’s tall enough that you don’t have to crouch and it stands solid on three strong aluminum feet steadied and made floor friendly with rubber pads. The handle is attached to the plunger with the same mechanism that secured your Cinelli bars to the quill stem. It’s the same design as the famous Cinelli 1A. The gauge is big enough for a 60 year old man to read without cheaters and it’s calibrated in both psi and bars. The locking head documentation says it’s both Schrader and Presta but we’ll never know, will we? The real rubber hose is wrapped with woven fabric so as to prevent UV damage and the locking lever has the same nurling as Campy did, when the did that. It’s rated 250psi … or 18 bar … though we’ll never know if it makes it there, either. I’m sure it will fit my Tangente to anything they want to take.

It does not come with a “sports ball adapter.” This is a pump for bicycles and bicyclists. It has a name badge plate and it says it’s yours for life no problems.

By the way, it works and works well. For those of us who still have 4 or 6 Silca bodies stuffed away somewhere just in case frame pumps come back, this is an icon of another era. You’ll love it.

If you’ve just discovered your love of bicycles, you want this as well. It’s something you can give your son or daughter when they ride their first century or take first in the local crit – maybe your grandkids.

Many will tell you “Your bicycle is a tool”. That is to say it is simply a device through which you can do certain things. Stay healthy, divest yourself of stress, cover distances while enjoying adventure, lose calories or simply to go a bit faster than your buddy. But, we who love bicycles know that there is more than that. Bicycles are the communion of humankind. It is the engineering off a machine – the engine of which is you and it limited only by your focus, dedication and passion. Bicycles are functional art or dreams made of steel, aluminum, carbon fiber or titanium.

Whether you’re a “tool” bicyclists or an “Art” bicyclist – the Velowurks is your pump. At $129 MSRP, it’s a big pricey – But that’s really $ .12 a weekend for the next 20 years. I’m betting it will still inflate your tubulars to the exact right pressure then, as good as it does now.

Self Sealing Bike Inner Tubes

Prevent Flats For Up To 2 Years

Repairs punctures up to 3mm*

Ride with Peace of Mind

*In tread area


Fear no flat!

Velowürks self sealing inner tubes are treated with our exclusive eco-friendly sealant to seal punctures up to 3mm in the tread area instantly to keep you rolling.

And, Velowurks sealant stays liquid and viable to seal punctures again and again for up to 2 years. Plus, our eco-friendly sealant is harmless to humans, pets and the environment.

• Use to prevent or repair punctures
• Seals punctures in tread area up to 3mm
• Available in a range of sizes
• Presta and Schrader valve types
• Non hazardous, non flammable
• Installs like any other inner tube
• Lasts up to two years

Presta (French) Valve

Model Size Valve Length
Presta (French) Valve Tubes
SST-92620/40 26×1.50/2.10 40
SST-926235/40 26×2.25/2.35 40
SST-92920/40 29×1.75/2.10 40
SST-92720/40 27.5×1.75/2.10 40
SST-97018/48 700×18-25C 48
SST-97028/48 700×28-38C 48
SST-97040/48 700×40-45C 48

Schrader Valve

Model Size Valve Length
Schrader Valve Tubes
SST-81620/35 16×1.50/2.10 35
SST-82020/35 20×1.50/2.10 35
SST-82420/35 24×1.50/2.10 35
SST-82620/35 26×1.50/2.10 35
SST-826235/35 26×2.25/2.35 35
SST-82720/35 27.5×1.75/2.10 35
SST-82920/35 29×1.75/2.10 35
SST-87028/35 700×28-32C 35
SST-87035/35 700×35-40C 35
SST-87040/35 700×40-45C 35

Inner Tube Sealant

150 mL Inner Tube Sealant

Prevents Flats For Up To 2 Years

Repairs Punctures up to 3mm*

Ride with peace of mind

*In tread area


There’s a whole world of rocks, potholes, thorns, staples, glass and other pointy things just waiting for you to roll over them and end your ride. But with inner tubes treated with Velowürks sealant you’ll fear no flat.

Our proprietary, eco-friendly blend of emulsifiers, micro fibers and congealing agents goes to work fast to instantly seal punctures up to 3mm. while the low viscosity formula ensures that the protective sealing action continues to seal punctures for up to 2 years of flat-free riding.

For extra convenience, Velowürks also offers inner tubes pre-treated with our sealant. Just install, inflate and ride!

Five easy steps is all takes to treat your inner tube and keep you rolling:
1. Remove the inner tube valve stem with the included tool
2. Shake sealant
3. Inject into tube with the included adaptor by squeezing the pouch
4. Reinstall the valve stem
5. Ride with added peace of mind


• Instantly seals punctures in tread area up to 3mm
• Non-toxic to humans and animals, no nasty fumes
• 2 year service life and extended temp range
• Cleans up with water
• 150ml, 8oz and 4000ml sizes available
• Also available in pretreated self healing tubes


container sizes 150_250ml_4

Velowurks Inner Tube Sealant is available in:

  • 150ml
  • 250ml
  • 4L