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E Series CX Bike Tires

E series CX bike tires

E series CX bike tires

High performance CX tire especially suited to firm, dry conditions. Small, tightly spaced knobs and rounded profile for low rolling resistance and a confident, predictable feel when cornering. Available in 700 x 33 and 38c widths. 60 tpi casing with 2d XC compounding and Advanced Puncture Shield or 30 tpi with single compound tread.


• High performance CX tread pattern
• 700 x 33 and 38c widths
• Folding aramid or wire bead
• Fast Traction 2d XC compound option
• 30 or 60 tpi casings
• Advanced Puncture Shield option


Model  Size  TPI  Bead  Compound Puncture Protection
CROSS 733e K 700X33C 60 Aramid Fast Traction 2d XC
CROSS 738e Lx 700X33C 60 Wire Fast Traction 2d XC
CROSS 738e Xt 700X33C 30 Wire Single Advanced Puncture Shield