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Prime Bicycle Floor Pump

Floor Pump

High Quality Construction

Timeless Design with Classic Cycling References

Built for the long run


An instant classic, the Velowürks Prime floor pump blends modern functionality and convenience with Bauhaus design and tasteful, stylish touches from the golden age of cycling.

Hard anodized both inside and out for durability, the extra tall aluminum barrel puts less strain on your back while pumping and will inflate a 700c x 23 road tire to 100 psi in just 17 strokes. Track riders should note the 250 psi rating.

Long time cyclists are sure to recognize the stylish nods to classic components like the Italian bar and stem combo of the ergonomic handle and the campy QR pump head flip lever. Even the barrel top cap and rotating gauge bezel borrow their look from a classic headset lock ring.

Just as style was part of the design process, the Prime was created with durability, functionality and maintenance in mind. All pressure facing components are threaded, not pressed together for higher tolerance fit and longevity. The oversized plunger is hard anodized for long life and passes through the top cap where oversized bushings ensure smooth action and extra durability. The plunger itself is not an o-ring but rather a replaceable heavy duty industrial grade rubber gasket ensuring years of trouble free use before needing replacement. Extra long high pressure hose easily reaches bikes on work stands or racks and tucks away neatly on the integrated hose keeper hook and base retainer.

Bauhaus inspired bent rod base provides a stable three point stance to prevent the pump from tipping while protecting the oversized gauge from damage.

The beauty, functionality and durability of the Prime ensures it will become a prized part of your shop equipment now and for years to come.

  • Bauhaus inspired design with classic cycling touches
  • Extra tall barrel for efficient pumping to 250 psi
  • Wide, stable tripod base helps prevents tip overs
  • Classic handlebar and stem inspired ergonomic handle
  • Extra long high pressure hose with dual pump head and keeper
  • Oversized easy-to-read gauge
  • Steel and alloy construction for extra durability and long service life


BarrelTall, durable anodized aluminum inside and out    
BaseWide and stable, Bauhaus inspired, plated steel with rubber feet    
Capacity250psi / 18 BAR    
GaugeAnalog 3” oversized with rotating index point    
HandleTwo piece ergonomic aluminum   
HeadCast Schrader and Presta compatible dual head with investment cast QR lever and pressure adjust valve    
HoseExtra long high pressure hose with a red braided cover   
InternalDurable anodized finish and long wearing HNBR rubber plunger gasket   
OtherHose/head keeper   
PlungerOversized, polished and anodized, large diameter aluminum    
Part #VW-V001   


Prime Floor Pump Review by Road Bike Action

RBA Prime floor pump review

July 2015 Road Bike Action review of the Velowurks Prime


Plenty of style and air all wrapped up into one

With a company history based in sealant technology, Velowurks was only one step away from providing that all-important piece to the inflation puzzle—a floor pump. And while there’s really not that much that makes up a pump—shaft, handle, gauge, base, hose and valve fitting—Velowurks saw a space for bringing some bicycle specific design elements to their Prime Pump. Velowurks uses a quick-release chuck lever, threaded headset cup and 31.8mm quill-stem clamp connected to a narrow handlebar for a playful touch. Velowurks does this with good taste, and it works pretty well too.


To make a quality pump, a few things must be considered. First, is your pump efficiently pumping pressure into your tires? The 56.5cm-tall air chamber measures 2.8cm in diameter and allows you to pump a 23mm-wide tire up to 100 psi with 17 pumps. Next is reliability—will the pump break down on you after a year of use? The Prime Pump uses an industrial-grade plunger gasket instead of rubber O-rings, which have a habit of slicing due to contaminants in the shaft chamber. Can you read the pressure while pumping? The Prime Pump sports a visible 7cm-diameter gauge with black psi lettering on a well-contrasted display so you don’t have to bend over guessing what pressure you’re at. Easily inter-changeable parts are a must. All of the important pieces thread together without tools, making replacing worn-out parts simple after years of use. The oversized base provides a large and stable platform during use. A braided red sheath covers and stiffens the rubber hose within.


All in all, a pump’s singular job is to inflate tires; if it can’t do that one job, it is not worth a dime. Fortunately for us, the Velowurks does its job and does it well. Similar to when we tested the redesigned Silca pump (RBA, January 2015), the Prime Pump proved to quite efficient due to the tall air chamber; it took 17 full pumps to fill a 23mm tire to 100 psi (versus 20 pumps with a Lezyne and 16 for a Bontrager) The pump gauge rates up to a very high 250 psi (higher than most), which also allows for a lighter action of pressing down on the handle. The die-cast air chuck is durable on the outside, but the internal rubber grommets lacked a secure hold. When you place the wheel in the right spot and get the chuck straight on the valve, there is no issue; when it is at an angle on the chuck, getting the grommet to seal can be problematic.


Yes, a pump is just a tool—a tool that simply puts air in your tires. It doesn’t need to be fancy; it just needs to work—and last. If we have learned on thing in our years of pumping tires, it’s the the world is full of janky, plastic floor pumps that seldom last an entire season. At #130, the Velowurks Prime floor pump is on the high-end spectrum of floor pumps, but it works. It’s built well, and oh yeah, it’s pretty cool to look at. When was the last time you said that about a floor pump?


• Highly efficient
• Chuck doesn’t grasp the valve well
• Aesthetically pleasing design


Price: $130
Weight: 5.25 pounds
Dimensions: 29 inches high; 8 by 11.5 inch footprint; 49.5-inch hose length (including chuck)
Efficiency: 17 pumps to 100 psi
(Mavic Yksion Pro GripLink size 23c tire with Mavic tube)

The preceeding Velowurks Prime floor pump review has been republished in it’s entirety with the permission of Road Bike Action Magazine

A Series Road Bike Tires

A series road bike tires

A series road bike tires

Great road tire for training or general use. Slick center section transitions to siped shoulders for low rolling resistance and improved cornering traction in wet weather. 700c x 23, 25 and 28c widths, choose either folding aramid bead with 2d T tread compounding and Advanced Puncture Shield or wire bead with single tread compound.


• Fast rolling slick center tread with siped shoulders
• 700c x 23, 25 and 28c widths
• Folding aramid bead with 60 tip casing
• Fast Traction 2d T tread compound option
• Advanced Puncture Shield option
• Wire bead with 30 tip casing and single tread compound


Model  Size  TPI  Bead  Compound Puncture Protection
ROAD 728a K 700X28C 60 Aramid Fast Traction 2d T Advanced Puncture Shield
ROAD 728a 700X28C 30 Wire Single
ROAD 725a K 700X25C 60 Aramid Fast Traction 2d T Advanced Puncture Shield
ROAD 725a 700X25C 30 Wire Single
ROAD 723a K 700X23C 60 Aramid Fast Traction 2d T Advanced Puncture Shield
ROAD 723a 700X23C 30 Wire Single

B Series Road Bike Tires

B series road bike tires

B series road bike tires

Our most advanced road tire for racing or training. Slick tread design offers low rolling resistance and precise cornering in dry conditions. 700c x 23, 25, and 28c widths. Many bead, casing, tread compound and puncture shield options.


• Fast rolling slick tread design
• 700c x 23, 25 and 28c widths
• Folding aramid or wire bead options
• Fast Traction 2d R, 2d T and single compound options
• Advanced Puncture Shield option


Model  Size  TPI  Bead  Compound Puncture Protection
ROAD 728b Z 700X28C 120 Aramid Fast Traction 2d R
ROAD 728b K 700X28C 60 Aramid Fast Traction 2d T Advanced Puncture Shield
ROAD 728b Lx 700X28C 60 Wire Single
ROAD 725b Z 700X25C 120 Aramid Fast Traction 2d R
ROAD 725b K 700X25C 60 Aramid Fast Traction 2d T Advanced Puncture Shield
ROAD 725b Lx 700X25C 60 Wire Single
ROAD 723b Z 700X23C 120 Aramid Fast Traction 2d R
ROAD 723b K 700X23C 60 Aramid Fast Traction 2d T Advanced Puncture Shield
ROAD 723b Lx 700X23C 60 Wire Single

Tubeless System Tire Sealant

6 Month Life Span*


90 mL Tubeless System Sealant

Velowürks tubeless system sealant is an eco-friendly blend of emulsifiers, congealing agents and micro fibers suspended in a very low viscosity, non-toxic glycerin base to quickly seal rim/beads and punctures up to 3mm.

Featuring a long 6 month in service life and wide -30c to +70c operating temperature range our proprietary formula is virtually latex free (less than 4%), won’t corrode rims and won’t ball up or plug valves.

When it comes time to change tires Velowürks sealants have no noxious fumes, are non-toxic to humans and animals and clean up easily with just water avoiding the usual sticky mess.


  • Low viscosity formula moves quickly to seal rims and punctures
  • Non-toxic to humans and animals, no nasty fumes
  • Effectively seals punctures in tread area up to 3mm
  • Long 6 month service life and extended temp range
  • Works repeatedly as a flat preventative
  • Non-sticky, non-corrsive formula cleans up with water
  • 90ml, 500ml and 2000ml sizes available


container sizes 90_500mL_2L

  • 90mL
  • 500mL
  • 2L

*In use