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Inner Tube Sealant

150 mL Inner Tube Sealant

Prevents Flats For Up To 2 Years

Repairs Punctures up to 3mm*

Ride with peace of mind

*In tread area


There’s a whole world of rocks, potholes, thorns, staples, glass and other pointy things just waiting for you to roll over them and end your ride. But with inner tubes treated with Velowürks sealant you’ll fear no flat.

Our proprietary, eco-friendly blend of emulsifiers, micro fibers and congealing agents goes to work fast to instantly seal punctures up to 3mm. while the low viscosity formula ensures that the protective sealing action continues to seal punctures for up to 2 years of flat-free riding.

For extra convenience, Velowürks also offers inner tubes pre-treated with our sealant. Just install, inflate and ride!

Five easy steps is all takes to treat your inner tube and keep you rolling:
1. Remove the inner tube valve stem with the included tool
2. Shake sealant
3. Inject into tube with the included adaptor by squeezing the pouch
4. Reinstall the valve stem
5. Ride with added peace of mind


• Instantly seals punctures in tread area up to 3mm
• Non-toxic to humans and animals, no nasty fumes
• 2 year service life and extended temp range
• Cleans up with water
• 150ml, 8oz and 4000ml sizes available
• Also available in pretreated self healing tubes


container sizes 150_250ml_4

Velowurks Inner Tube Sealant is available in:

  • 150ml
  • 250ml
  • 4L