Tubeless System Tire Sealant

6 Month Life Span*


90 mL Tubeless System Sealant

Velowürks tubeless system sealant is an eco-friendly blend of emulsifiers, congealing agents and micro fibers suspended in a very low viscosity, non-toxic glycerin base to quickly seal rim/beads and punctures up to 3mm.

Featuring a long 6 month in service life and wide -30c to +70c operating temperature range our proprietary formula is virtually latex free (less than 4%), won’t corrode rims and won’t ball up or plug valves.

When it comes time to change tires Velowürks sealants have no noxious fumes, are non-toxic to humans and animals and clean up easily with just water avoiding the usual sticky mess.


  • Low viscosity formula moves quickly to seal rims and punctures
  • Non-toxic to humans and animals, no nasty fumes
  • Effectively seals punctures in tread area up to 3mm
  • Long 6 month service life and extended temp range
  • Works repeatedly as a flat preventative
  • Non-sticky, non-corrsive formula cleans up with water
  • 90ml, 500ml and 2000ml sizes available


container sizes 90_500mL_2L

  • 90mL
  • 500mL
  • 2L

*In use